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Radon gas is created when uranium in the soil decays, the gas then seeps through any access point into a building. Common entry points are through the crawl space, cracks in the foundation, poorly sealed pipes, and any other gap in the structure where ground gases can enter. The gas can then build up over time to dangerous levels.  Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in non smokers and greatly increases the chance of lung cancer in smokers.
reno radon testing
How widespread is the problem? Radon areas have been found in homes in all 50 states. Certain areas are more susceptible than others, but no location is immune. Concentrations of radon-causing materials in the soil can be either natural or man-made. The only way to tell for sure is to have the property tested.
Radon in your home can be a significant issue. Home owners should be aware of the radon risk in our area and determine whether a radon test is desirable when buying a home or to assess their current home. When in doubt, the EPA always recommends testing.
TEK Inspections utilizes continuous Radon monitors to evaluate the level of Radon in your structure.  Many companies use passive radon detection devices that are unable to point out spikes in Radon levels or attempts to tamper with the testing.

For more information, visit the EPA web site on radon at www.epa.gov/radon.